We’re happy that you’re interested in sponsoring the HIGFFL.

The HIGFFL always takes donations and will be happy to promote sponsors on our website and other venues when appropriate. If you have interest in Gay Bowl XX Sponsorships, please contact Butch Merideth.

Note: the HIGFFL is a registered nonprofit organization and your donations may be tax deductible.


The League is a group of players of all skill levels who play in our 8-week season of 7 on 7 flag football games. The competitive season runs from April through June with ancillary scrimmages and skills clinics in the fall, winter and spring. There are also League meet-ups, parties and fundraising events scheduled throughout the year. We fundraise to help purchase jerseys and league Tshirts, field equipment (flags, balls, field markers), tents, coolers, refreshments and food.

The Aloha Classic is a 2-day annual invitational pick-up tournament that takes place during President’s Day Weekend. Players of all skill levels are placed on teams and those teams compete in friendly 7 on 7 football games. Fundraising helps pay for jerseys, permits, referees, food, refreshment, parties, entertainment, and activities.

The Honolulu Riptide is a select group of local players that travel to compete in tournaments, namely the annual Gay Bowl. In 2020, the Gay Bowl will be held in Honolulu. Typically, our fundraising and sponsorships help pay for player jerseys, hotels, airfare, and refreshment. For 2020, we have a fundraising committee that will be responsible for helping raise funds locally and nationally to put on the event.


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