Welcome to the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League. Our mission is to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of flag football to the LGBT community and beyond.

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Our 2019 Season concluded on June 15th.
Images and results below.

6th Place: Ours Is The Furry
5th Place: We Drink and We Throw Things
4th Place: Cersei’s Slayers of Shame
3rd Place: No Ygrittes
2nd Place: Eight Inches of Snow

A huge thank you to our referees who worked tirelessly to make the right calls every game. What’s next? Gay Bowl XIX preparation and a Beer Bust at Bacchus Waikiki on September 22nd. Check out our Facebook page for information on these and other events.

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2017 Semifinal Game 2

Here's the play-by-play from the second semifinal game of the 2017 HIGFFL regular season:

Fighter Spiders in blue versus the Nasty Hombres in red. Winner will face the Grizzlies next week in the 2017 championship game.

The Spiders start of game with the catches from Kelsey and Ty, but go for it on 4th and the QB slips. Change of possession - Red ball at the 22. Clay gains 8. Then Dayne leaps for a catch in end zone. Extra point (Rob catch) good. Spiders 0, Hombres 7.

Spiders stall out on their next two plays (including an Elliott sack). 3rd and 10 means a scramble and Chris throws it long and Keith intercepts at the 30.

Two incomplete hombres passes to Dayne, makes it third and 10. The next play is incomplete to Clay. Rob picks up 9.9 yards on the next play. Change of possession. Kelsey and Ty help move the ball to midfield. Rob intercepts a long throw and it's Red ball at their 20.

Dayne picks up a catch for a first. Spider Jay sacks the red QB then Keith tumbles for a first down around midfield. Rob makes a leaping catch for a gain of 25. Dayne gets 12 and the red team is at the goal line again. The next play Dayne scores. Rob get the extra point. Spiders 0, Hombres 14.

The blue team suffers from another unlucky interception from a ricocheted ball. Read takes over near midfield. Incomplete to Kovy, then a 12yd catch by Clay - ball is on the Spiders 30. Incomplete to Kovy again, then a bomb to Rob for a TD. Extra point is good. Spiders 0, Hombres 21. Less than 2 mins to go in the first half.

Ty in as QB for blue now. And a long bomb to Andrew puts them at 1st and goal from the 10 with about 30 seconds remaining in the half. Ty runs it in 10 yards for the score. Extra points no good. Spiders 6, Hombres 21!

The second half opens and the hombres want to put this game away a long throw to Dayne gains 30 yards. Four tries for long throws fail and a change of possession. Blue ball.

The Spiders go to work- methodically moving the ball. But stall at midfield. Blue ball. Reyn almost intercepts a throw to Dayne - incomplete. But if you please later the Hombres score on a Mark run. Extra points no good. Spiders 6, Hombres 27.

Next series,a throw from Ty to Jay is a touchdown. Extra points, no good. Spiders 12, Hombres 27.

The Hombres are threatening to score again after great catches from Rob. And they do - Rob has been a phenomenal receiver all year for the Hombres. The game is out of reach for the Spiders. Spiders 12, Hombres 33.

Rob picks off a throw from the blue QB and with under a minute to go, the Hombres have first and goal at the 5. Reyn intercepts to prevent the score as time runs out. Final score Spiders 12, Hombres 33.

The Hombres take their undefeated record to next week's championship game.