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Tapas Restaurant and Lanai Bar, Waikiki.
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Congratulations to team Watch Us Nēnē on winning the HIGFFL 2018 Championship! Thanks to all for a great season!

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Team Watch Us Nene (L to R) Seated: Kovy Kovaloff, Clay Simpson. Standing: Chane Makita, Keith Sakuda, Kyle Guigui, Rob Fleming, Ty Law, Michael Kukahiwa-Haruno, Drew Santos, Corey George, Patrick Geary, Lauren Poricelli, Dean Watase. Missing: Steve Brennan and Jordan Lee.

2018 Season Schedule/Results

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Here are some photos, news and info from the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League:

2017 Game 9: Grizzlies 34, Packers 8

Opening drive the Packers go 4 and out -the Grizzlies are now on the 20 yard line threatening to score. Grizzlies QB Brandon gets catches from Aaron, Tiffany, Charles and then an incomplete pass to Lee followed by a flag guarding penalty and an errant 4th down catch changes the possession back to the Grizzlies. 0-0.

The Grizzlies get the ball back after another Green 4 and out. And a Brandon to Andrew connection is the first TD of the day. Extra points, no good. Grizzlies 6, Packers 0.

The Packers get the ball and two plays later, Grizzly Jeff picks off a throw and gives the gray team a short field. And two plays later, Tiffany is in for the touchdown. Extra points, no good. Grizzlies 12, Packers 0.

The Packers just can't get any offense going and kick to the Grizzlies and they are moving toward the goal line with under 2 minutes to go, but stall out and Green gets a final chance to score in the first half with 30 seconds to go. Sadly, they don't connect. Halftime score Grizzlies 12, Packers 0.

The Savage Grizzlies have the ball to start the second half. Catches by Tiffany and Aaron move the ball to midfield. Catches by Effie, Aaron and Clarence put the ball at the 15. Three missed catches are forgotten when Aaron picks up the first down. The next play, Aaron scores on a Brandon pitch. Extra points are good on a Clarence catch. Grizzlies 20, Packers 0.

The Green Gay Packers take a risk and go for it on 4th down from their 15 and pick up their first meaningful first down of the game. Davis the QB gets energized and makes a toss to Gan for a gain. But the Packers can't move it any further. Grizzlies get the ball at the Packers 30.

The Grizzlies score again after a Brandon scramble for 15 yards put them on the 2 yard line and an fingertip grab from Andrew. Extra points no good. Grizzlies 26, Packers 0.

Luck is just not on the Packers' side today. Their first play after the last Grizzly touchdown was an interception by Brandon. Grizzlies have the ball again on the Packer 25. A catch by Aaron followed by a spectacular grab by Aaron puts the ball on the 2 yard line. Jeff gets the TD and the extra points are scored on a Lee catch. Grizzlies 34, Packers 0.

Finally, the Packers make two big plays and score. David to Phil for a gain of 20, and then David to Bryant for a touchdown. David runs for the extra 2 points. Grizzlies 34, Packers 8.

After a Grizzly 4 and out, the Packers attempt another long throw from David to Bryant, but the ball thank you 34 eight bounces off Bryant and lands in Grizzly Jeff's waiting hands and he downs it on the 5 yard line. The Grizzlies run out the clock and the game ends.

Final score Grizzlies 34, Packers 8.