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Our 2019 Season concluded on June 15th.
Images and results below.

6th Place: Ours Is The Furry
5th Place: We Drink and We Throw Things
4th Place: Cersei’s Slayers of Shame
3rd Place: No Ygrittes
2nd Place: Eight Inches of Snow

A huge thank you to our referees who worked tirelessly to make the right calls every game. What’s next? Gay Bowl XIX preparation and a Beer Bust at Bacchus Waikiki on September 22nd. Check out our Facebook page for information on these and other events.

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2017 Game 7: Spiders 19, Grizzlies 12

It was a beautiful day at Kapiolani Park where the Fighter Spiders took on the Savage Grizzlies in game 7 of the HIGFFL 2017 regular season. Here’s the play-by-play:

Grizzlies score first after a turnover- Aaron runs it in from the 5 yard line for 6 points. Attempt for 2 extra points is no good. Grizzlies 6, Spiders 0.

The Spiders drive for 6 with a catch and run from Kelsey. Extra point, no good. Grizzlies 6, Spiders 6.

The Grizzlies turned it over on their next play- a bobble right into Ty's clutch. But a few plays later Grizzly Jeff snags Spider QB Chris' throw. Andrew catches the ball for 20 yards then runs for 5 to put the Grizzlies in good field position. Effie stretches for 5 yards for the first down. Runs by Brandon, Darrin, Andrew and Aaron put the Grizzlies at the 25 with less than a minute to go in the half. Then Brandon catches a throw in the endzone for 6. Extra points are no good. Score at the half is Grizzlies 12, Spiders 6.

Second half opens and the Grizzlies have the ball, the drive stalls early on. The Spiders take over on downs. They drive for a few yards, then get picked off by Grizzly Brandon. The Grizzlies make a few short plays for two quick first downs. The Spider defense is making it tough on the Grizzlies. So the Grizzlies switch it up and gain 20 yards when QB Aaron becomes the receiver catching Brandon's throw. Short plays by Effie, Beandre and Andrew bring us to 4th and short. The QB gets sacked and the Spiders take over on downs. The score remains Grizzlies 12, Spiders 6.

The Spiders _score on a stretch by -the play right after a spectacular Jay catch. Extra point is no good. The game is tied at 12 with 90 seconds to go.

A nail biter at the end of the Grizzlies/Spiders matchup. The Grizzlies go 4 and out and the Spiders have a chance to win. And Ty puts the the Spiders ahead with a catch and run. The extra point succeeds. Grizzlies 12, Spiders 19.

Spider Andrew's pickoff of a Grizzly Brandon throw seals the game for the Spiders.

Final score Savage Grizzlies 12, Fighter Spiders 19.