Welcome to the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League. Our mission is to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of flag football to the LGBT community and beyond.

Our 2019 Season continues on June 8th with our Wild Card and Semifinal games.

Come watch and support our players and refs. Our games are at Kapiolani Park. Games are at 10:30AM and 12:30PM.

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Below are links to photos, news and info from the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League.

2017 Game 5: Hombres 31, Grizzlies 22

Game 5 of the 2017 HIGFFL season featured the Nasty Hombres versus the Savage Grizzlies. Here’s the play-by-play:

The Savage Grizzlies score on the opening first drive. And the extra 2 are good. Aaron to Andrew (twice) makes the score 8-0.

The Hombres drive down the field on some short and long passes from Mike to Cory, Clay, Lloyd and a score by Rob. Extra point fails. Grizzlies 8, Hombres 6.

An Hombres interception from Michael leads to an eventual TD by Clay. Extra points no good. Grizzlies 8, Hombres 12.

And the Hombres score again with less than a minute in the first half on a Michael run. Extra point, no good. Grizzlies 8, Hombres 18. And that's the first half.

The Hombres open the second half and stall on the 20 yard line. The Grizzlies swap QBs and new QB Brandon methodically drives down the field and Aaron takes it in. Extra point, no good. Grizzlies 14, Hombres 18.

Hombres fight back and score on a Michael to Dayne catch and run. Grizzlies 14, Hombres 24.

Brandon gets squirrely and takes the Grizzlies to another score. Aaron is in for the TD. Lee gets the extra 2. Grizzlies 22, Hombres 24.

The Hombres are proving to be fighters. They score on one play. Keith takes it 60 yards. Extra point, by Dayne is the first extra point for the Hombres.

Grizzlies 22, Hombres 31. And that's the FINAL.