Here are some photos, news and info from the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League.

2017 Game 10: Hombres 33, Spiders 30

Here’s a play-by-play of Game 10 of the 2017 HIGFFL regular season featuring the Nasty Hombres (in red) vs the Fighter Spiders (in blue). It's a beautiful day for football.

The game opens and the Spiders have the ball. quarterback Chris throws the ball to Mikey, Ty and Jay and drive toward the goal. A rainbow throw to Jay is a score. Extra point is no good. Hombres 0, Spiders 6.

The Hombres first offensive play is bungled for a loss, but the next play sees a big gain on two great catches by Dayne. The Hombres are on the Spiders 25. And a 25 yard throw, Michael to Rob is a score. Extra point is no good. Game tied at 6.

The Spiders make small plays and weave a web down the field and score on a pitch from Chris to Ty to Chris. Extra point is no good. Hombres 6, Spiders 12.

Under two minutes in the first half and the Hombres are at midfield on a QB Michael scramble. A toss to Clay gives the Hombres a first down and his next catch is a TD. Extra point is good. Hombres 13, Spiders 12.

The Spiders can't get a first down and kick to the Hombres. 50 seconds remaining from midfield. Throw to Rob is incomplete. Throw to Dayne is incomplete. Throw to Rob is incomplete. Throw to Dayne is complete and he runs to the 15 yard line. 25 seconds remaining. Throw to Mel is good for a short gain. Throw to Lloyd is incomplete. Michael scrambles and it's called a _touchdown. Extra point is good. Hombres 20, Spiders 12. And that's halftime.

The second half kicks off and the Nasty Hombres have the ball. They move down the field quickly with three Dayne catches for first downs. An incomplete pass to Kiersten followed by a sack puts the Hombres at 3rd and 10 at the 30. A long toss to Dayne puts the Hombres in the end zone again. Extra point is no good. Hombres 26, Spiders 12.

The spiders drive down field with short catches from Mikey and Jay. Then Jay slithers through the defense down to the 10 yard line. Ty picks up 5 yards and Jay is in for the touchdown. Extra points are no good. Hombres 26, Spiders 18.

The Hombres move back to Spiders territory with a long throw to Lisa. A catch by Kiersten puts the Spiders on the 8. Michael runs for 5 yards, then a bullet to Rob, but he was out of bounds. The next play was an incomplete pass and we're at 4th and goal from the 3. Ty knocks the ball from Robs grasp and the Spiders get the ball back.

Short pick ups move the ball down the field for the Spiders. A great catch by Andrew puts the ball on the 20. A Jay sideline run and a Reyn short pickup and the bask is on the 5. Chris runs in for the TD. Extra point is no good. Hombres 26, Spiders 24.

The Hombres couldn't move the ball and kick to the Spiders at midfield with 1:37 to go. A ricochet catch from Jay to Reyn and the ball is on the 30. A long pass from Chris to Jay is a score. And the extra points are no good. Hombres 26, Spiders 30.

The Hombres will not be denied. Michael throws a bomb to a wide open Rob and he scores. Extra point to Charles is good. Hombres 33, Spiders 30.

With ~49 seconds remaining the Spiders will try to drive to score. Catches from Kelsey, Ty and Chris move them to midfield. A Jay run takes them to the 30. A Ty catch and run takes them to the 22. 4 seconds to go. A catch by Jay on the 8 ends the game.

Final score: Hombres 33, Spiders 30.